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Have You Upgraded Yet?

SentryVMS combines feature-rich software, preloaded on powerful, purpose-built hardware, to deliver fully scalable network video management solutions. Our latest release, Version 6, offers some amazing new features, including:

  • The ability to add bookmarks that make for quick and easy access to important video clip locations
  • Greater map functionality that allows for live video viewing within the map window pane, as well as 4-camera view and access control view
  • Easier and more robust “save snapshot” capabilities, including the ability to directly print and email the image
  • Reporting for LPR integration to keep track of vehicles that have visited a facility
  • Improved ability to multitask within the interface by quickly swapping views of layouts and setups
  • Support for Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and French
  • An option to automatically fit any number of cameras within the viewing window with the click of a button
  • The ability to set up and save viewing layouts that include webpages and static images
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