Introducing NomadHD, the "Use it Anywhere" Surveillance Camera

Have an immediate, temporary need for surveillance where there's no access to power or cabling? NomadHD makes the impossible, possible!

NomadHD's built-in rechargeable battery, wi-fi, and options for 3G/4G transmission and auxiliary battery or solar power, make it the "go to" choice for law enforcement and security professionals with temporary surveillance needs, wherever they occur. It transmits high-definition, full-frame video to most VMS systems, just like any traditional, ONVIF compliant IP camera, but can be deployed in minutes with minimal tools or technical expertise. Turn it on and it's ready to go.

  • Operates 8 hours on a single charge

  • Tamper and weather resistant

  • High-definition, full-frame video

  • Flexible mounting options

  • Extend usage with external battery or solar power

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Available in white or black

Click here to download a datasheet or send us an email to request a demo. Or call us at: 631.969.2601.